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Indigo + Cypress is dedicated to promoting robust discussions and analysis that pertain to our  experiences as Afro-Diasporic women and as citizens of the world.  I+C seeks to establish an online community that embraces freedom of experience and integrity. Simply put, our posts and re-posts are inspired by what we see and hear around us. Get to know us. Let us get to know you.

Camille Wanliss Ortiz is a New York City-based writer and publicist. Her fiction work and essays have appeared in Harlem World Magazine, Promethean, Kweli Journal, Clutch Magazine, and The Feminist Wire.

Naomi Extra is a Cave Canem poet and New York City public school teacher. Her interests are people, food, fashion, poetry, and anything pertaining to awkward blackness.

Mary Annaise Heglar  is a communications professional and editor in New York City. She is originally from Birmingham, Alabama and rural Missippi. She is also an alum of Oberlin College. Mary has written for The Indypendent and Clutch Magazine. She is enraptured by health (especially food), politics, culture (especially literature), and community as they all relate to the African diaspora.


One thought on “About

  1. I see that many of you are contributors to Clutch. I am too! Nice to (meet) you! Freshly Pressed brought me here. Congrats! I didn’t get to see Red Hook Summer, but I love all things Spike, so I’ll have to catch it eventually.

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